AHH! I’m going to starve.

This week is going to be a disaster, I can already feel it.

My first CSA box arrives on Tuesday… which means shopping this morning at the Farmers Market was difficult. I have a vague idea of what will be in the box, but trying to buy stuff to hold me until then AND stuff to complement what’s in it is a pain in the ass. Also, I really wanted lamb chops, but the vendor didn’t have any this week. I’m at the mercy of the farms. Instead, I bought a small assortment of things without any real plan of action. *sigh*

Okay, I’m not really going to starve… but I’m pretty sure I won’t hit my macros. Do you know what 156g of protein looks like?

Let’s put it this way: I’d need to eat about 4 4oz chicken breasts. That’s a POUND of chicken. A pound. In my belly. Every day. Sounds ridiculous, right? I like me some meat, but yowza. Other foods have protein, but meat is probably the easiest way for me to hit my macros.

Back to the Farmers Market. I bought random things. Which means my cost was higher than it needed to be. You spend more when you don’t have a plan. Also, I hit up a few of the specialty vendors for a treat… unnecessary spending. But whatever. I’m not out to deprive myself of cheese curds (I’m wearing my “I’m from the Midwest” shirt, aren’t I?).

Quickly becoming my favorite specialty vendor is Number 1 Sons (http://www.number1sons.com/). I LOVE fermented food. If I haven’t eaten an entire jar of sauerkraut in one sitting at some point in my childhood, I’d be surprised. And apparently they cure everything.


I tried their kale-chi last week and I was actually visibly upset when the container was empty. I refrained from purchasing more today and instead went with their “Sons Kimchi.” Their label says they called Kim Jong-Un’s mom for the recipe. Whether this is her recipe or not, I don’t know. There’s some funky business going on with that relationship. You know how secretive families are with their food creations. I spoke with the owner, Caitlin, and she said they’re on pretty much every social media outlet there is… so go find them.

I really didn’t need $10 worth of pickles, but I love pickles. Whenever I want a quick snack, I grab a spear. Perhaps this is why I’m single. Pickle breath. Whatever. Pickles are awesome.

Take out the specialty items and I spent $23.  Put them back in and it’s closer to $50. No plan = stupid spending. There you have it.

I’m off to figure out how the heck I’m going to use this sorrel I purchased. I have no idea if I’ve ever had it before… It smelled good, so I bought it. And so it goes…


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7 responses to “AHH! I’m going to starve.”

  1. Megan says :

    I also love pickles, though I get mine from Krogers. I’m curious to see how your eating local goes. It’s something you can do around here in the summer because of our farmers market, but it gets really hard during the winter and it’s always supper expensive. I wish you luck.

    • samjay22 says :

      Thanks! It’s definitely not something to do year-round, but for the summer/fall, it’s worth a shot. I have some stuff at home already that I bought at the store… I’ll use it so it doesn’t go to waste. My meals these next few weeks will probably be a mix of local/store until my stash of quinoa, etc runs out.

      • Megan says :

        I think it’s great. I’m thinking about trying to start making my own pickles and growing my own veggies, that’s my version, and on my budget, of eating more local foods

      • samjay22 says :

        I bought some of those mini cucumbers at the market (got about a dozen of them for $3) and reused the brine from my extravagant pickle purchase. 🙂 If I didn’t live in an apartment building, I’d love to grow my own veggies. Fresh herbs is about the most I can handle in my space, though.

      • Megan says :

        Let me know how your brine re-use turns out. My farmers market also has extravagant pickles and I always think about buying them. If the brine retains a lot of the flavor on a second use, I’d consider it worth buying.

  2. Lorraine Stickley says :

    I can’t say no to pickles either! That kimchi sounds good. I used to spend afternoons with a jar of kimchi, a fork, my couch, and my DVR. Those were the days.

    • samjay22 says :

      Feel free to join me any Saturday morning. I go when they open (8am) because I like to have first pick of things (and it’s easier to talk to the vendors).

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