Cead míle fáilte!

Have you ever read an Irish or Scottish cookbook? Lots of cream and butter. How about French? Cream and butter. Norwegian? Surprise! Even more cream and butter (no, really… surprise. I had no idea about this one).

Americans have this weird obsession with food. They’d rather buy the substitute for cream, sugar, etc and then overeat it (because hey! “low-fat” means you can have as much as you want, right?) than enjoy small amounts of the real thing. At first I felt like I gained 10lbs just reading the recipes… but now I’m actually looking forward to all this cooking. There’s something about a rich, flavorful meal that ensures you don’t over-indulge. Smaller portions, better food.

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Time for a new food adventure.

I haven’t posted in a long while… mostly because the purpose of this blog was to document eating local and once my CSA ended, it seemed a bit pointless to continue.

I still shop at the farmers market, but have supplemented it with things from Whole Foods (my nearest grocery store). I’ve gone back to buying meat at the store, since it’s just way too expensive to continue only buying it at the market. Which is a bummer… I want to buy it from local producers. I just can’t afford to buy ALL my meat from them. Perhaps when winter hits, I’ll change my mind again, since it’ll be one of the only things I’ll be able to buy at market, but for now a grocery store/farmers market combo will have to do.

When I went out to Colorado last May to visit my brother, we had a great conversation about food. Specifically, we both believe that eating our heritage makes us feel better than any other type of eating.

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There is a season…

Turn, turn, turn… Yeah, I can’t say that phrase without singing the song. 🙂 Sorry about that. This is just a quick little post to share with you an article I read at Breakingmuscle.com.  It has to do with eating foods “in season.” What does that mean, exactly? If you live in the US like I do, you can eat pretty much any food on the planet any time of year. This relates to my whole eating local initiative this summer. The author points out right there in the title that our easy access to food from elsewhere may contribute to overeating. While our diets are more varied, there’s more opportunity to over-indulge. And yes, you can have too much healthy food… avocado overload, anyone? (This may or may not have happened to me this past weekend after my first trip back to the grocery store)

How Fruits, Veggies, and a Lack of Seasons Contribute to Overeating

I don’t remember how I first came across this website, but I find myself checking it once a week to read the newly posted articles. Three cheers for the Internet!

The Return to Grocery Store Shopping.

I did my first trip back to the grocery store this morning… I think it deserves a blog post. Because wow, holy spending.


(They do an excellent job of making everything look so tasty. Props to the store display designers… now, about widening the aisles so I can stop being trapped between a cart parked by the apples and a cart parked by the grapes, while getting clipped by the woman maneuvering her basket over the display…)

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Going to Market.

Today is Saturday, which makes it Farmers Market day. While I won’t be receiving fresh produce in my CSA going forward, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t attempt to buy most of my food locally. The weather was a bit gloomy this morning and some drops of rain had people panicking they would be drenched before finishing their shopping. Luckily for me, I was able to do my rounds with only a handful of water droplets landing on my person.


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When you want to be lazy.

(And I excel at lazy)

I went to Grad school in Scotland. It was pretty fabulous, not gonna lie. And when you’re a student, two things happen: you don’t have a lot of time and you don’t have a lot of money.


(Ahhh… the old stomping grounds)

Okay. That’s a lie. I had tons of time, I just preferred to spend it at the pub or recovering from a hangover. I wish I could use the excuse “hey, I was 23, young, and stupid.” But I was 28 when I went to get my Masters. I had 3 classes a week for 2 terms, then an entire summer “devoted” to writing my dissertation.

And I wasn’t exactly poor. My firm in DC kept me employed as a contractor during my studies. I had more disposable income than was probably healthy for someone who, once she gets started, can drink for 9 hours straight and only realize the passing of time because the sun came up (when the sun actually is visible in the UK, which is rare, but you get the point).


(Museum of Transport, Glasgow)

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The End… Already?!

My CSA arrived last night and with it the realization that it is my last week of getting food delivered to my door.


I’m trying to think of all the things I’ve learned over the course of this endeavor, but I’m struggling. I don’t feel like I had enough time to really get into anything. My weekend trips that required me to give away my box now seem like they were bad ideas. They interrupted the flow of food and experimentation. 😦 And yet… I’m loathe to return to a grocery store life.

(Warning: this post may get lengthy and I have no more pictures)

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